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halloween tootacular
Halloween games, virtual worlds for kids, haunted houses, costumes, & Halloween recipes
halloween tootacular
halloween tootacular
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halloween tootacular

Tootsville's Halloween Tootacular is filled with spooky suprises. You will discover ghosts, scarecrows, pumpkins, zombies, witches and the most Tootacular haunted house around. Choose from a variety of animated halloween costumes like the fire breathing dragon, the alien flying saucer, the super Toot and many more. The spookmasters in Tootsville have created two new premium games that will blow your mind. The fun doesn't stop there...New emoticons, new PivitzTM and a brand new audio story book awaits you! So get over to Tootsville.com for the Halloween Tootacular!

halloween tootacular halloween tootacular halloween tootacular halloween tootacular halloween tootacular halloween tootacular

Halloween Virtual Worlds
Tootsville has over 20 virtual worlds with exciting and fun-filled kid games. Explore the old haunted house, where the moon is full and the jungle around Tootsville casts dark shadows. Travel from room to room and discover ghosts, witches and hidden treasures.


Halloween Games
With over 50 kid games in Tootsville, visit and explore the house on the haunted hill. There you will discover hidden rooms with creepy halloween games. Experience an adventure of an lifetime, by playing "Zap Attack" and "Magic's Haunted House". Battle ghosts, goblins, zombies, and the Evil Shade himself, to collect as much candy as you can.


Halloween Costumes
After you choose your Toot character, visit the Toots Mall where you can view and purchase anything from an animated ghost costume, a mummy wrapped outfit, and even a flying witch costume. Your friends will have a Tootacular suprise as you show off your spooky custome.


Halloween Recipes
Create fun halloween desserts for your friends and family, by making spooky gummy worms to spider cupcakes. Choose from many other recipes including seasonal, appetizers and main courses, by Cook Happy's Joyce Pecci.


If you're ready to begin your Tootacular adventure....Click on Play Now!



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